MARS Pentacles of Solomon

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ANCIENT PARCHMENTS of the occult, metaphysical wisdom and mystery of the MARS PENTACLES of SOLOMON. Two sizes - US Letter and A4 with the parchment background shown in the pictures and a plain white background so that you can save ink or use your own fancy printer paper. The images are from the original hand drawn pictures from the ancient Key of Solomon Grimoire not re-created versions of the Seals, so expect them to be a bit grainy and/or blurry. Your mind is the bridge between the physical and the metaphysical, the Ancient Parchments are the path to the bridge. You will receive all 7 of the Mars Pentacles and an instruction sheet on how to use them in your magick spells and rituals.

  • 1st Pentacle of Mars
    For physical manifestation
  • 2nd Pentacle of Mars
    Counteract disease and ill health
  • 3rd Pentacle of Mars
    For resisting one's enemies and for exciting wrath, discord and hostility between them
  • 4th Pentacle of Mars
    For victory
  • 5th Pentacle of Mars
    For dominance over others, protection and transformation
  • 6th Pentacle of Mars
    For over-all protection, and to turn assaults made upon one against the attacker
  • 7th Pentacle of Mars
    To confuse one's enemies

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